Pen to Tree: Why Journaling on Paper is More Effective Than on a Computer

02/08/2023 Tom Hobbs

Journaling is an excellent tool for self-reflection, self-expression, and personal growth. It can be used for tracking progress, setting goals, and exploring thoughts and feelings. While journaling on a computer may be more convenient, there are several compelling reasons why writing by hand on paper can be more effective.

In the 960 Method, journaling by hand is called Pen to Tree. This is the process of enabling your thoughts to become real, tangible requests by flowing from your mind, through your fingertips, down the barrel of the pen, flow across the surface of a piece of paper and become part of the world. There is not a more powerful tool for transforming thoughts into things than the Pen to Tree method.

1. Improved focus and concentration

Writing by hand can help you focus and concentrate better, as compared to typing on a computer. The physical act of writing engages your mind and senses in a way that typing cannot. When you write by hand, you are actively using multiple parts of your brain, which can increase focus and concentration.

2. Increased creativity and self-expression

Journaling on paper allows for more spontaneous, unstructured writing and can lead to greater self-expression and creativity. With a computer, there is often a temptation to erase, backspace, and re-write, which can stifle creativity. Writing by hand, on the other hand, encourages a free-flowing expression of ideas and thoughts.

3. Enhanced memory retention

Studies have shown that writing by hand can lead to better memory retention and recall compared to typing on a computer. When you write by hand, you are creating a physical and mental connection to the information that you are recording. This connection can help you recall the information more easily later on.

4. Better emotional connection

Writing by hand can foster a deeper emotional connection and help with self-reflection and introspection. The physical act of writing can help you better connect with your feelings and thoughts, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions.

5. Reduces distractions

Writing on paper eliminates distractions such as notifications and emails, allowing you to stay focused on your journaling. With a computer, there is always the temptation to check emails or social media, which can be a major distraction. Writing by hand eliminates these distractions, allowing you to focus solely on your journaling.

6. Better physical and mental well-being

Writing by hand has been shown to have benefits for physical and mental well-being, such as reducing stress and improving mood. Writing by hand engages your muscles, providing a form of physical exercise that can help reduce stress. Additionally, the emotional and mental connection that comes with writing by hand can help improve your overall mood.

7. Unique sensory experience

Writing on paper provides a unique sensory experience, with the feel of the pen on the page, that cannot be replicated on a computer. This sensory experience can help you feel more connected to your writing and can make the journaling experience more enjoyable and memorable.

8. Better Connection to the Universe

Using the Pen to Tree method enables the universe to recognize the request and provides the resources to support the growth. This is a belief that when you write down your goals and desires, you are sending a message to the universe that you are committed to making them a reality. By writing on paper, you are making a physical and tangible connection to your goals and desires, which can help the universe respond more effectively.

In short, while journaling on a computer may be more convenient, there are several compelling reasons why writing by hand on paper can be more effective. From improved focus and concentration, to increased creativity and self-expression, to enhanced memory retention and better physical and mental well-being, there are numerous benefits to writing by hand. So, the next time you consider journaling, consider reaching for a pen and paper instead of your computer. The Pen to Tree method will help you reach your goals more completely.


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Pen to Tree: Why Journaling on Paper is More Effective Than on a Computer


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